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Fearful GOD!

Fearful GOD !

People don’t beleave in being God near them !
Beacuse they think themselves eligble for being blessed with HIS/Her Blessings!
However if they believe Being GOD’s Presence in their surroundings, They expect they have to do nothing,
if HE / SHE is closure to them ,
HE/ SHE has to show
HIS/HER miracles….
by availing each n every thing whatever might have wished by any of them …..
Thats why….  GOD are fearfull….
being amongst common-men!
The common-men might gonna KIL The GOD….
…. for not fulfilling their endless wishes!
… n
…. I think GOD must have remain FEARFULL of crowed!!!
Author: traffictail

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