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2 Time Zones and day light saving in India

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2 Time Zones and day light saving in India

Indian Govt are intended on considering 2 Time Zones in India, in light of Day Light Saving!
I Think we, India, have to STOP copying other’s and start moving as Leader in innovating IDEAS ! Specially in the issue of 2 Time Zone!
Being an awaked Indian, I have a different view in favour of INDIA.
We are India, a majority of Hindus’ who generally are aware of Local Time of each n every place or at least District in India, through Hindu Callender or Kundali App for the same. Then why we are intended on ONLY 2 Time Zones?

IST should be continued as a uniform Time, and we should adopt Local Light Saving Time (Day Light Saving Time),  in fraction of 5 or 10 Minutes as per Local Sun-rise and Sun-set.

People might feel it difficult in beginning but if we are going to be Digital and if we are moving to be Global, we have to prepare ourselves to face these constrained . Because who are already working with foreign clients are already used to with
different time Zones.  Similarly 2 Time Zone would also be difficult in beginning. If Day Light is main motto we would save double comparing to 2 Time Zone Local Light Saving Time for offices only , shopkeepers already adopted as per Sun rise and set times.

Notes – Generally I write in Hindi,  as I did previously with many precious issues. But I heard on fewer times by a very little number of responsible persons. Several times some extraordinarily greater issues also remained unheard ! Though I lover of National  language – Hindi, but in national interests itself,  now I am started also writing in that foreign language, which only may considered to hear by responsible persons in INDIA.

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