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Dare display of Valuables is dangerous!

Yaah! you don’t have Kohinoor..

But you may have many other ‘Noor’ !

Many thing pretty ???? like stones glittery?

Some ornaments… or some rare plants?


It may some Collected cash… or your stylish bash ?

It may your lovable kids or your own looks!

any other thing rare which you can’t dare..

leaving uncovered, unsecured anywhere…

Yes you have many … you are getting through life rainy!

It’s you.. your self.. or loved ones may first

then it comes to many more other assets

Which are as valuable as are priceless

Don’t you risk them displaying without clutches

Open over streets or within easy reaches?

If you do.. is not fare.. it would be your Dare!

Though it’s too common… Is not remained rare…!

But it’s a dare.. it’s just a dare !

I myself seen you… Many times likely Uncovered…

No fault of my eyes they saught you within wandered…

Seen your catchy.. brighter.. strip marks…

Your beautiful curves.. and.. highly attractive bumps..

At our neighbouring beaches… It happened many times…

Should pant your portrait I might thank first..

Or other to capture an snapshot of yours…

But an other to embrace you .. tlhen kiss… And Then mash …

I may too wrong… or.. it may called rash?

It may an I’ll will… but.. human being still!

I got a great lesson to teach my children…

Why Kohinoor is not public why it’s kept hidden!

Why ornaments in boxes, kept locked and blocked!

As the thing precious as stored secured !

What open as pable how can be valuable! L

You make yourself cheap though you are valuable!

You value your beauty but forgot guarding duty ..!

If you don’t your own value who other’s to do…

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